Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kokkare Bellur

This is a post long overdue. I always wanted to visit Kokkare Bellur and thought why not go on a day last year.. Though I was not sure that we would sight birds since it was March 5th, 2011 and the season was almost over. Nevertheless, set out, thought atleast it would be a nice drive with wifey and a friend if there were not birds.

Reaching Kokkare Bellur was easy. Drive towards Mysore on SH 17 and cross Channapatna. After about 10 kms take left at a village named Rudrakshipura. Until reaching this place, I didn't know such a village exists. It is not that it should not exist, but the name Rudrakshipura is used extensively in a Kannada TV serial Mukta Mukta and in the serial, it is the capital of Rudranchala state. Now, every time I see the serial and they refer international airport I remember this village and smile unknowingly.

Coming back to travelogue from TV serial, Kokkare Bellur is around 12 km from Rudrakshipura. We were just approaching it, and a couple of boys aged 8-10 came running towards the car and volunteered to guide us. I had read about this in Aravind's blog, and thought of getting some books but forgot to carry. I gave some stationary items which I would keep in car. If somebody goes there, you may give them stationary items, if you feel you could give them something, which would be better utilized, instead of money or shooing them away.

The first sight of birds was a little confusing. I thought somebody dumped dustbins (like typical Bangalore inner roads) and the tree looked like a garbage yard before realizing they were actually painted storks sitting on the tree! We could spot a good number of birds but not of different species. This was when I seriously thought of buying a better camera as the point and shoot I have was not supporting in any way to capture birds.

After rolling over farms and backyards of some houses, we started back, only to return in Jan end or Feb first next time.

While returning, we had a detour to see Kanva reservoir, which I will write in next post.