Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Madurai Meenakshi

Madurai, city of temples, is one of the ancient and prestigeous city of Southern India with rich cultural and heritage background. Madurai Meenakshi temple is one of the greatest cultural and architectural landmarks, built during early A.D and restored in 14th century.

For one of my colleague's marriage, we, 8 guys,  went to Madurai on May 28th, 2009. The marriage was around 80km from Madurai at a place called "Rajapalya". The hotel for us was booked there. After around 10 hrs journey by Airavata, we got down at Madurai to find a vehicle waiting for us to take to wedding place. We got in and we met with a minor accident on the way. It was over 11 o'clock when we reached our hotel. We got ready quickly (more than an hour!) and went to choultry. It was 12 30 or so and wedding functions were finished and even reception was getting over. We managed to wish and could give a pose (which we won't miss always).

It was time for lunch and having skipped breakfast, we were very hungry so had heavy lunch, without bothering what the items were actually. While coming out, we saw two people sitting on different tables taking something and noting it down. When we enquired, we came to know they were gifts. I didn't know till then that in Tamil Nadu (or could be in some communities in TN) you have to give gifts and have to make an entry as to for whom you are giving the gift.

Our way back to Madurai was pleasant after heavy meals and we arrived near Madurai Meenakshi temple around 5PM. While entering we came to know we had to come out of the temple by 6 PM. (I don't remember the reason now, but it was not our constraint, instead temple administration's). Madurai temple is very huge and one can actually see it's gopuras from quite a long distance (1-2 km) on top of Madurai's buildings. (Gopura is ornate monumental tower, at the entries of Hindu temples - a prominent feature of Hindu architecture) Inside there was huge crowd to see the temple and Meenakshi idol. We roamed all along the temple wherever there were less people and came out after around an hour.

I am not writing much about the temple. It is best seen than said. Instead of posting the pictures, I am posting a link where you can virtually walk inside the temple. Click here to step inside.

You can see other Tamil Nadu temples here.

PS : It needs Adobe flash player and takes a while to load.


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