Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pyramid Valley

It was a Sunday evening, 24th April, and while sipping afternoon coffee, me and my wife thought of going to Pyramid Valley. Pyramid Valley is the world's largest meditational pyramid. However, we went not because to meditate instead to see the Pyramid itself. I am always interested in architecture, as I have said before. It is at a distance of around 28 km on Kanakapura road. The website has all the information.

When we reached Pyramid valley, it was cloudy and dark and we expected heavy rainfall any moment. At the entrance there is a map of the campus and we were asked to enter a hut like structure beside main reception. There a guy would explain what is meditation and its advantages in about 10 minutes. After listening to meditation tips, we came outside and walked towards Pyramid.

Pyramid, called Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid, has a base area of 160x160 ft and with height of 102 ft. Its external surface is covered by murals depicting various nature elements. It has a capacity of around 5000. There are beautiful murals and art work of Buddha in the lower hall, to remind him for his meditation techniques. It is said that the geometric design of Pyramids collects, radiates and stores cosmic energy and thus meditation done inside a Pyramid is thrice more powerful.

We sat quietly for sometime in Pyramid. There were many people meditating. Some were sleeping, though we were not sure whether they went to that state meditating or just that they were sleeping in pin drop silence.
We started back sometime later just when heavy rain started pouring on us.

For more information on Pyramid valley, click here.


Deguide said...

Nice coverage of Pyramid valley in Bangalore

The Floating Clouds said...

Nice post. Am planning to take my mother there this weekend.

Gowtham said...

@Deguide, Thanks :-)

@Archana, Thanks :-) You can easily spend a couple of hrs.

Arti said...

Beautiful place, so full of serenity! Thank You for introducing it here :)

Gowtham said...

@Arti, Yes it is. :-)